A Wide Range of Aquarium Lighting ranging like Aquarium Clip On Lights, Aquarium T5 Lights, Aquarium PLL Lights, Aquarium LED Lights, Aquarium Metal Halide Lights from Various Brands

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  • LED Lighting

    A wide range of Aquarium LED Lighting options for Freshwater, Marine and
    Planted Aquariums from leading Brands. LED Lighting offers better Output in
    terms of Lumens/Watt giving better energy effeciency.

  • T5 Lighting
    A wide range of T5 Lighting for Freshwater Aquariums and Planted Aquarium from
    Leading Brands. T5 lighting units are versatile and can be used for Planted Aquariums,
    Community Aquariums and Cichlid Aquariums.
  • PLL Lighting
    A wide range of PLL Lighting for Freshwater Aquariums from Leading Brands. This 
    Type of lighting system are Cost Effective and are  good lighting option for all types
    of Aquariums.
  • MH Lighting

    A wide range of Aquarium Metal Halide Lighting from Leading Brands. Suitable for
    tanks that need very high lighting and especially usefull for nature aquariums where
    height of the tank is more than 2 FT.