Fertilizers & Water Treatment

A Wide Range of Aquarium Fertilizers for Aquariums, Planted Aquariums, Nature Aquariums. Aquarium Water Conditioners, Aquarium Fish Medication, Aquarium Fish Treatment and Aquarium Water Test Kits

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  • Liquid Fertilizers

    A Wide Range of Liquid Fertilizers for Planted Aquariums and Nature Aquariums
    from leading brands like Seachem, JBL, ADA, Aqua Design Amano, Fluval.

    Macro and Micro Fertilizer dosing is required to maintain the health of Plants 
    Healthy Plants means that Algae growth is minimal

  • Fish Treatment

    A wide range of Aquarium Fish Treatment for various aquarium fish diseases like
    Ich, Anchor Worm, Bacterial Infections, Fungal Infections etc.

  • Water Conditioners

    A Wide Range of Water Conditioners for Conditioning Tap water to make it suitable
    for Aquarium Fish. Water Conditioners are used for jump starting a tanks nitrogen
    cycle, Treating water for Ammonia, Chlorine and Chloramines, Water parameter
    adjustment and Treating Aquarium Fish

  • Shrimp Minerals &...
    A Wide Range of Premium Aquarium Shrimp Minerals and Water Conditioners from
     leading Brands like Mosura, Salty Shrimp, Ebita Breed and more
  • Water Test Kits

    A Wide Range of Aquarium Water Test Kits for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums
    for pH, gH, kH, Ammonia, Nitrates from Reputed Brands like API, JBL and Seachem