Layout & Substrate

A Wide Range of Aquarium Layout Materials like Driftwood, Substrate & Substrate Additives and Aquascaping Tools

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  • Aquascaping Tools
    A Wide Range of Aquascaping Tools used in Aquascaping for Planting, Trimming
    and Maintenance of Aquatic Plants
  • Substrate

    A Wide Range of Aquarium Substrate for Planted and Freshwater Aquariums. Soils
    are of 2 types. Active Soil which is used for growing aquatic plants and is loaded with
    Nutrients. Passive Soils like White Sand which is purely for dcorative purpose and has
    no nutrients.

  • Substrate Additives
    A Wide Range of Substrate Additives for Planted Aquariums, Substate Additivies
    are designed for various purposes such as providing additional nutrients, improve
    water quality, improve water circulation etc. which promotes the growth of healthy