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Bacopa Monnieri - Bulk Pack of 100 Nos
  • Bacopa Monnieri - Bulk Pack of 100 Nos

Bacopa Monnieri - Bulk Pack of 100 Nos

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Common Name: Small Bacopa

Plant Use:

Difficulty Level: Medium

Light Demand: Medium

Co2 Demand: Medium

Fertilizer Demand: Medium

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General Information on Plants Supplied:

Plant Pictures shown are of Submersed Grown Plants in Aquariums under Optimum Plant Growing Conditions. Plants Sent are grown in Farms in Emmersed or Submersed Conditions depending on variety. Hence, Plant/Leaf Structures may vary from that shown in pictures. When they are grown submersed in aquariums under Optimum Growing Conditions as required by the Plant (Light, Co2 and Nutrients) they will get the appearance as shown in pictures

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Description: Bacopa Monnieri, commonly known as Water Hyssop or Brahmi, is an aquatic plant renowned for its delicate appearance and therapeutic history. As a member of the Plantaginaceae family, this herbaceous perennial is native to wetlands in Asia, North and South America, and Australia. Its emersed growth showcases pairs of opposite, succulent leaves along the stems, while its submersed form features finer, dissected leaves. Bacopa Monnieri's overall appearance is a testament to simplicity, making it a popular choice for both aquarium enthusiasts and herbalists alike.

Beyond its ornamental value in aquascaping, Bacopa Monnieri is recognized for its use in traditional medicine, particularly in Ayurveda, where it is believed to offer cognitive and adaptogenic benefits.

Plant Information:

  • Scientific Name: Bacopa Monnieri
  • Family: Plantaginaceae
  • Origin: Asia, North and South America, Australia
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Lighting Requirements: Low to High
  • CO2 Requirement: Low to Medium
  • Temperature Range: 64-82°F (18-28°C)
  • pH Range: 6.0-7.5
  • Propagation: Cuttings

Growing Information:

1. Lighting: Bacopa Monnieri is adaptable to a broad range of lighting conditions, from low to high. It is a versatile plant that can thrive in various aquarium setups.

2. Substrate: While Bacopa Monnieri is not particularly demanding in terms of substrate, it benefits from a nutrient-rich substrate to support optimal growth. Adding root supplements or substrate fertilizers can provide essential nutrients.

3. CO2 and Nutrients: This plant has low to moderate CO2 requirements and can absorb nutrients from the water and substrate. Supplementing with a balanced liquid fertilizer helps ensure robust growth and vibrancy.

4. Pruning: Regular pruning is beneficial to maintain the desired shape and encourage bushier growth. Trim the stems just above a leaf node. Pruned cuttings can be replanted to propagate new plants.

5. Water Parameters: Maintain stable water parameters with a temperature range of 64-82°F (18-28°C), a slightly acidic to slightly alkaline pH between 6.0-7.5, and moderate hardness.

6. Placement: Bacopa Monnieri is a versatile plant that can be used as a midground or background plant. Its bushy growth habit makes it suitable for creating natural-looking clusters in various areas of the aquarium.

7. Propagation: Propagate Bacopa Monnieri through cuttings. Simply trim a healthy stem, remove the lower leaves, and plant the cutting in the substrate. This plant readily roots and establishes new growth.

Known for its adaptability and versatility, Bacopa Monnieri is not only a charming addition to aquascapes but also a plant with a rich history in traditional medicine. Whether you appreciate it for its aesthetic appeal or potential health benefits, Water Hyssop is a valuable asset to aquariums and herbal gardens alike.



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