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Vallisneria Spiralis

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Common Name: Common Vallisneria

Plant Use:

Difficulty Level: Easy

Light Demand: Low

Co2 Demand: Low

Fertilizer Demand: Low


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General Information on Plants Supplied:

Plant Pictures shown are of Submersed Grown Plants in Aquariums under Optimum Plant Growing Conditions. Plants Sent are grown in Farms in Emmersed or Submersed Conditions depending on variety. Hence, Plant/Leaf Structures may vary from that shown in pictures. When they are grown submersed in aquariums under Optimum Growing Conditions as required by the Plant (Light, Co2 and Nutrients) they will get the appearance as shown in pictures

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Description: Vallisneria Spiralis, commonly known as Straight Vallisneria or Jungle Val, is a popular and versatile aquatic plant appreciated for its graceful, ribbon-like leaves. Belonging to the Hydrocharitaceae family, this species is native to North America and has become a staple in freshwater aquariums around the world. Vallisneria Spiralis is renowned for its ability to create lush backgrounds, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits to aquariums.

Plant Information:

  • Scientific Name: Vallisneria Spiralis
  • Common Names: Straight Vallisneria, Jungle Val
  • Family: Hydrocharitaceae
  • Origin: North America
  • Difficulty Level: Beginner
  • Lighting Requirements: Low to High
  • CO2 Requirement: Low
  • Temperature Range: 59-86°F (15-30°C)
  • pH Range: 6.5-8.5
  • Propagation: Runners

Growing Information:

1. Elegantly Long Leaves: Vallisneria Spiralis features long, slender leaves that can reach impressive lengths, often exceeding 2 feet (60 cm). The leaves are typically green, providing a vibrant and natural appearance in the aquarium.

2. Lighting: This Vallisneria species is adaptable to a wide range of lighting conditions, from low to high. While it can thrive in low-light setups, providing moderate to high lighting encourages more compact and lush growth.

3. CO2 and Nutrients: Vallisneria Spiralis is a low-maintenance plant that doesn't require additional CO2 supplementation. However, the addition of liquid fertilizers, especially those rich in iron, can enhance its growth and maintain vibrant leaf coloration.

4. Water Parameters: Keeping the temperature between 59-86°F (15-30°C) and maintaining a pH range of 6.5-8.5 suits Vallisneria Spiralis. It is adaptable to various water hardness levels.

5. Propagation: Vallisneria Spiralis reproduces through runners, producing new plants along the length of horizontal stems. These runners can be left to grow naturally or carefully separated and replanted to propagate new individuals.

6. Background Plant: Due to its impressive height and graceful appearance, Vallisneria Spiralis is commonly used as a background plant in aquascaping. Planted along the back of the aquarium, it creates a lush green backdrop that adds depth to the overall aesthetic.

7. Oxygenation and Algae Control: The long, flowing leaves of Vallisneria Spiralis contribute to oxygenation of the water, benefiting fish and other aquatic inhabitants. Additionally, the plant helps control algae by outcompeting it for nutrients, promoting a healthier aquarium environment.

8. Versatile Placement: While often used in the background, Vallisneria Spiralis can also be strategically placed in midground areas or along the sides of the aquarium. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various aquascaping styles.

9. Easy Maintenance: With minimal care requirements, Vallisneria Spiralis is an excellent choice for beginners. Regular removal of yellow or damaged leaves and occasional thinning of runners are typically the only maintenance tasks needed.

10. Suitable for Community Tanks: Vallisneria Spiralis is compatible with a wide range of freshwater fish and invertebrates. Its dense growth provides shelter for fry and smaller fish, making it an excellent addition to community aquariums.

Conclusion: Vallisneria Spiralis remains a popular choice among aquarists for its elegant appearance, ease of care, and functional benefits. Whether used as a background plant or creatively placed in different areas of the aquarium, Straight Vallisneria adds a touch of nature's grace to freshwater tanks. With its ability to adapt to various conditions, Vallisneria Spiralis is a versatile and reliable plant that enhances the beauty and balance of aquascapes, making it a cherished component of many aquariums.



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