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Buy AquaSphere Products Online India

AquaSphere Aquarium Products Online India

AquaSphere is the pioneer in manufacturing the full range of planted aquarium related products in India. AquaSphere is the first company in India to introduce the unique 'All in One' Fertilizer kit for planted aquariums followed by the 'Non-CO2' kit which has created a revolution in the low tech CO2 limited planted aquariums.

The biggest advantage of AquaSphere products are the price ranges which make every aquarist happy, only because the products are all manufactured in India. AquaSphere maintains the pricing while improving and developing new products with more functional and aesthetic values.

The  success of every AquaSphere products are based on the uncompromising quality control approach. Starting from the Glass tanks, light units, substrate and fertilizer system every customer gets an uncompromised quality, reliability and value for their investments.

All AquaSphere products are handmade and manually quality controlled.

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