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Buy Bioloark Products Online India

Bioloark Aquarium Products Online India

Bioloark is short for Biological Ark. Many of us enjoy creating, caring for, and winding down from a busy day with their own slice of nature. We are striving to connect you with nature, just like the designer intended, with habitats ranging from minimalistic, carefully crafted Bio Bottles to fully integrated Bio Balls.

Bioloark is a brand of the Chinese company Shandong Xizun, which specialises in the breeding of ornamental fish, research and development of innovative aquarium accessories, production and distribution. They are committed to integrating nature into the habitat through design. Through the Biological Ark "Bioloark", plants, fish and insects become our wonderful familiars right in our environment.

The other product range includes live food, water treatment and filter materials. With years of experience in the field of ornamental fish, Xizun sets standards in the aquarium market.

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