Please CHECK HERE for Shipping Updates before creating or placing any orders


Do you have Free Shipping?

Sorry, we do not have Free Shipping for Plants. Certain Accessories have Free Shipping which is highlighted.
Is Cash on Delivery Available?
Sorry, we do not have COD Option
Is there a minimum order value?
Minimum order value should be 500/- Excluding Shipping for AQUATIC PLANTS

There is no Minimum Order Value restriction for any other items.

Is there a minimum order quantity for Plants?
Yes, every variety has a minimum order quantity that needs to be ordered.

Are Plants that you send as Shown In Pictures?
Plants Shown in Pictures are the plants grown in Submersed (Under Water) Conditions in Aquarium with Optimum Co2, Light and Fertilizers. Majority of Aquatic Plants are Grown under Emmersed (Out of Water) Conditions in Green Houses when grown commercially which we send. Some Aquatic Plants show a huge difference between their emmersed and submersed forms. Once they are planted in an aquarium and provided the right conditions they will develop their submersed forms. Rest assured all Plants we send are as per your Order.

How is the Shipping done?
Plants are shipped using Express / Priority Shipping via DTDC. Accessories are shipped via Delhivery. Under the current situation, Shipping may be limited to certain locations only. For more details please Click Here

Why are shipping charges so high for Aquatic Plants?
We recommend you create your account and then check Shipping Charges as it varies based on your location as well. We do plants shipping through DTDC Priority Shipping Only which has higher charges but faster delivery compared to normal shipping.
Priority Shipping Option delivers within 1 - 3 Business Days based on Location and hence it is expensive. There is no Guaranteed Delivery Time Frame with Cheaper Modes of Shipping which may result in Plants reaching late and hence Dead On Arrival.
Shipping Cost is calculated based on Actual / Volumetric Weight whichever is higher and goes up as more Plants and Qty are added. For Stem Plants and Small Plants even upto 5-7 varieties the Shipping Charge may be within the Minimum Shipping Cost. In case of Big Plants like Echinodorus Species etc. the volumetric weight becomes high and hence shipping cost moves up the Weight Slabs and goes up.

How are the Plants Sent?
Plants are harvested against Order, Washed, Treated for Snails, Packed in Plastic Packets, Sealed Air Tight to retain moisture and Labelled. These are then packed in Boxes, Cling Wrapped and Labelled for Shipping. 
Labels on the Plant Packets are the Scientific Name or Common Names which can be found in the description of the Plants. Sample Pictures below

Plants%20Packing%202.jpg   Plants%20Packing%203.jpg   Plants%20Packing%204.jpg   Box%20Packing.jpg

When will my Order be shipped?
All Plant Orders are shipped on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the week, provided the Order is placed and paid for the previous day by 10 PM. All Orders placed after Tuesday 10 PM till Sunday 10 PM of the week are shipped on Monday of the following week. Accessories are shipped within 1-5 Business Days after receiving the Order. 

We will adjust shipping days in cases of Public Holidays, Natural Disaster etc. to ensure that parcels are not held up at Courier Offices. We will notify you in such scenarios

How can I track my order?
Tracking No and Status of your order will be updated within 24 Hrs of Shipping. You can use the Tracking No to track your parcel on the Service Providers website

How long does delivery take?
Plants are delivered within 1-2 Business Days in South India and all Major Cities. Remote Locations may take an additional 1-2 Business Days. North East Locations (Excluding Guwahati) may take 7+ Business Days for Delivery and is at Customer Risk (Not Covered by DOA Policy)

Can the Plants be used as received?
Please rinse plants thoroughly before use, especially in tanks with sensitive shrimps

What to do if any Plants Reach Dead or Damaged?
Due to unforeseen delays from couriers. We are Temporarily not offering Dead on Arrival Refund or Replacement for Plants. This risk will have to be borne by the customer. We will however monitor every package that has been sent and follow up for delivery at the earliest.