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API Nutro Plus Fit (100 ML)

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API Nutro Plus Fit (100 ML)



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API Nutro Plus Fit (100 ML)

Nutro Plus Fit Fish Food Supplement contains essential and non-essential Amino acids, Fatty acids and Micronutrients with purified marine red algae concentrated to provide build blocks of immunity system and superb biological response. 

Herbs like Garlic, Moringa, Papaya leaf and Spirulina improves survival rate, reduces stress, improves growth and disease protection. Our solution contains the perfect balance of nutrients and together with natural Immune boosters and antimicrobials from garlic for a superior yield. This API Nutro Plus is your one stop alternative to strong antibiotics and growth hormone.

 Multi-spectrum solution designed for fish and shrimps.

  • It supplies all the necessary microminerals for optimum growth and maintenance.
  • Helps to make the fish tolerant to fluctuations in temperature and other water parameters.
  • Contains all essential and non-essential amino acids with vitamins improving survival rate, productivity and natural color formation with desire activity
  • Purified marine algae are a natural substitute of antibiotics/antivirals/ antifungals and are effective against a wide range of diseases and gut issues including antibiotic resistant microbes
  • It also helps to maintain a good digestive system of fish along with enhancing the immune system
  • Provide a natural source for
    • Vitamins, Antioxidants
    • Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids.
    • Proteins and polypeptides
    • Macro and Microminerals
    • Herbal support
    • Naturally occurred Vitamin A, E, C, B complex
  • Purified garlic is a natural immune booster which also improves digestibility and has a natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Act as prebiotic Provides probiotic enhancement beneficial bacteria colonies within the gut

Recommended dosage with directions for use:

 For fish: 2 to 5 drops per teaspoon full of food (depending on fish type). More for carnivores and less for herbivores.

 For shrimps: 1 to 2 drops teaspoon full of food (start with less and increase every week)