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The 2HR Aquarist APT Sky (150 GMS)

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The 2HR Aquarist APT SKY (150 GMS)



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The 2HR Aquarist APT SKY (150 GMS)

Discover new possibilities with SKY-boosted water.
Enable shrimps and hardwater plants to thrive together with softwater plants*.
Replenish all vital minerals in RO/ RODI water with no negative altering of NPK, KH or pH.

Each 3.5g / 5ml per 60L adds 12ppm Calcium and 3.5ppm Magnesium (+2.5 dGH)

Recommended: 15ml per 60L of RO/RODI water.

*To grow softwater plants, RO/RODI water recommended if tap water measures >2 dKH


APT SKY resolves the key conundrum of how to increase water hardness (specifically as a GH booster) without altering NPK values (which interfere with the calibrated ratios of fertilisers) and KH (where higher values are not favoured by most commercial aquatic plants).



Ca (Calcium): 21.5%
Mg (Magnesium): 5.4%
B (Boron): 7mg/L
Cu (Copper): 1mg/L
Fe (Iron): 0.06%
Mn (Manganese): 17mg/L
Mo (Molybdenum): 0.01mg/L
Zn (Zinc): 9mg/L
Seaweed extract <1%