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TICA Ultra Color (85 CMS)

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TICA Ultra Color (85 CMS)


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TICA Ultra Color (85 CMS)

Suitable for 90 CM Tank ONLY. Display light to enhance your existing fish color by 200-300% upon lights ON without coloring your aquarium tank water (water no color). This light is made from color enhanced LED. Color Up is not-effective for tanning purpose because LED lights does not contain UVA & UVB light spectrum.
Light Features
  • Instant color up your fish color upon lights ON
  • Suitable for all colorful fish such as: Arowana, discus, gold fish, flowerhorn, cichlids, marine fish & planted tanks.
  • Only enhanced your fish and plant color without coloring your aquarium tank water (water no color)
  • Different Mounting Options: Top Sitting Style, Hanging Style and Aquascape Style
  • Single Timer Controller with Automatic ON/OFF Selectable 12,14,16 HRS (Starts from when Light Powered ON Manually)
  • Slow ON & OFF : 15 Min to go from 0% to 100% after ON and 15 Min to go from 100% to 0% after OFF
  • Adjustable Brightness : 10%,25%,50%,75%,100% 
  • Ultra Bright with manual adjustable brightness, 90% More Brightness than others
  • SLIM Design : Width - 45MM and Thickness 10.5 MM
  • Excellent Heat Transfer and Dissipating Design
  • Tough & Thick Aluminum Body
  • IP67 Water Proof (Not Submersible)
  • 24V DC low voltage input
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