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Shiruba Surface Skimmer SS 250
  • Shiruba Surface Skimmer SS 250

Shiruba Surface Skimmer SS 250 - BLACK

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Shiruba Surface Skimmer SS 250

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Shiruba Surface Skimmer SS 250


The aquarium water surface may develop unsightly oil slicks due to fish waste, uneaten food and dirty air. Oil slicks reduce the amount of gas exchange at the water surface and the air above, which will reduce the amount of oxygen in the water. Oil slicks also cause reductions in light penetration into the water. Shiruba Surface Skimmer effectively removes Oil Film and small floating debris

Features & Specifications

  • Effective Surface Skimming
  • Adjustable Flow Rate
  • Safe for small Shrimps and fish
  • Adaptive to Water Level changes
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Flow Rate 30L to 180L
  • Power Consumption 3.5 Watts