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Dennerle V30 Complete Fert (50 ML)
  • Dennerle V30 Complete Fert (50 ML)

Dennerle V30 Complete Fert (50 ML)

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Dennerle V30 Complete Fert (50 ML)

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Dennerle V30 Complete Fert (50 ML)

  • V30 Complete provides aquarium plants with all the nutrients they need for strong, lush growth.
  • All nutrients and nutritional substances are available in a form that can be taken up directly and is plant-active.
  • Valuable trace elements such as iron and manganese ensure lush, green leaves.
  • Red and rust-coloured leaves are intensified and attractive markings made clearer.

V30 Complete fills nutrient gaps in a targeted manner, strengthens the plants from the inside out and helps with growth stagnation.

Highly effective protective covers - so-called chelate - keep the nutrients available to the plants for a long period of time. Symptoms caused by a lack of nutrients are eliminated in the long term, the plants return to a magnificent green. Guaranteed phosphate and nitrate free - does not promote algae.

INFO: V30 Complete as an all-purpose fertiliser

When getting started and learning more, V30 Complete can also be used as an all-purpose fertiliser. For best results however, we recommend use as part of the Dennerle fertilisation system.