Chihiros Doctor NANO


Chihiros Doctor NANO Aquarium Aglae Inhibitor and Sterilizer

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Chihiros Doctor NANO Aquarium Aglae Inhibitor and Sterilizer

Inhibit green algae and promote plant growth
  • Inhibition of algae and promotes plant growth
  • Reduces early plant plankton reproduction and growth, release spray of ions which quickly spread to kill algae spores.
  • Efficiency up to 95% to inhibit the algae.

Rapid establishment of the aquarium system
  • Mist of ions can kill algae spores and at the same time release oxygen for aerobic bacteria and organisms offerring plenty of dissolved oxygen. This improves the Nitrogen Cycle Establishment in the aquarium
  • Better Nitrogen Cycle leads to clearer tank water.

Supplementary mineral trace element
  • By changing the water molecules form and the decomposition of water molecules in the process of ion release helps biological uptake of minerals and trace elements by plants to meet growth requirements. 
  • Reduce biological trace element deficiency caused by the small red blood cell anemia low hemoglobin, poor growth, strengthen the immunity of fish-like creatures, metabolic capacity to promote shrimp hemocyanin, lack prevention elements and the formation of skeletal deformities.

Set algorithm automatically according to the aquarium environment
Automatic Control based on the Aquarium's initial, mid-term and end of different ecological environment with different strength and of different phases of the sterilization cycle.
Optimal control algorithms

CHIHIROS DOCTOR NANO is specialized for inhibiting algae of 120L-250L(31.7US GAL-66US GAL) tank. Please choose the appropriate mode with appropriate capacity and purpose.
  • M1=120L-150L(31.7US GAL-39.6US GAL)
  • M2 for 150L-200L(39.6US GAL-52.8US GAL)
  • M3 for 200L-250L(52.8US GAL-66USGAL)

The MESH Replacement should be done every 12-15 months.

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