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AquaSphere Greenoculum
  • AquaSphere Greenoculum

AquaSphere Greenoculum

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AquaSphere Greenoculum



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AquaSphere Greenoculum

GREENOCULUM is the most potent probiotics and enzyme combination for planted aquarium.

It contains beneficial bacteria involved in the nitrogen cycle, phosphorus cycle and sulphur cycle in aquatic ecosystems. Enzymes break down decaying matters and fish excreta faster. Enzyme degraded compounds are more suitable for the bacterial conversion to simpler molecules. GREENOCULUM contains minerals for the fishes and shrimps, boosts their immune system. Oyster shell calcium helps in the molting of shrimps. It competitively resists the growth and infection by the pathogenic microorganisms.

 - Imroves Water Quality
 - Enzymatic Action Aids Digestion
 - Produces inhibitory compounds against pathogens
 - Enhances immune response
 - No Negative Side Effects