JBL ProScape Volcano Powder (250 GMS)


JBL ProScape Volcano Powder (250 GMS)

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JBL ProScape Volcano Powder (250 GMS)

Promoting natural soil fertility

Primary rock powder rich in natural minerals. JBL ProScape Volcano Powder is ideally suited for the enrichment of aquarium Substrates with valuable minerals and trace elements. Depot effect: JBL ProScape Volcano Powder is enriched with macro nutrients, which aquatic plants need for long and optimal growth.

How to use it:

JBL ProScape Volcano Powder is the ideal supplement for ProScape Volcano Mineral. Then cover the lower layer with your chosen substrate (JBL ProScape PlantSoil, for instance). Please add the water gently to avoid unsettling the soil. Suitable for freshwater aquariums. 

Contents: 250 g for aquariums with 200 l volume.

PK fertiliser 0.5 : 2.9 liquid as a substrate additive for ornamental plants in the aquarium. 0.49 % total phosphate (P2O5), 2.9 % water-soluble potassium oxide.

Net mass: 250 GMS

Minor components: 2.9 % water-soluble magnesium oxide; 4.08 water-soluble calcium oxide.

Storage: Store at room temperature. Store out of reach of children and pets.

Use: For the fertilisation of ornamental plants in an aquarium.

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